Legal Assistant

Valarie Graves

LaCourse Law’s Legal Assistant Valarie Graves works hard handling Family Law cases, Medical Malpractice claims, and Personal Injury. 

Meet Valarie Graves

Meet LaCourse Law’s Legal Assistant, Valarie Graves. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Valarie attended Tulsa Community College to pursue her RN degree. After working as a receptionist at a law firm in Tulsa, Valarie decided to pursue a minor in legal studies during her time at Tulsa Community College. Following her receptionist position, she then became a paralegal in 2010. Valarie’s passion in life is to help others, and she feels that being a legal assistant for LaCourse Law helps her fulfill that calling.

Valarie is a mom of two and spends most of her time outside of the office trying to find new and fun activities to do with them. She loves traveling and partaking in any outdoor activity, and in her free time, she often finds herself having fun with friends. Valarie also has her own Etsy page, so when she is not busy at work, you can often find her creating crafts for her page. Valarie is an excellent addition to the LaCourse team; she is sweet and caring and will do the job.

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