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Tulsa, OK Paternity Lawyers Providing Legal Support to Parents

Tulsa, OK Paternity Lawyers Providing Legal Support to Parents

The issue of paternity is critical for many families, as it’s one detail in life that you want to be certain about. As such, if there is any question of paternity, you deserve to get answers as quickly as possible. If you are not sure how to establish paternity or what the results might mean for your family, it’s time to talk to Tulsa, OK paternity lawyers.

At LaCourse Law, our legal team has years of experience helping parents discover the truth about who their child’s biological father is and why it matters so much when it comes to family law. If you or your family members are experiencing any uncertainty when it comes to paternity, you should schedule a free initial consultation at our Tulsa law office today.

Why Should You Establish a Child’s Paternity?

There are many reasons to take the time to establish paternity. First, you or the child might have doubts about paternity and want to know who the father is. Having this knowledge can satisfy the child’s curiosity while giving them a good sense of identity.

There are also legal reasons for determining paternity. These can benefit both the child and the parents. For instance, if you want to be involved in the child’s life and even help make decisions for them, you will need to prove that you are the father. In addition, if you want shared custody or visitation, establishing paternity is essential.

Finally, there are financial reasons to establish paternity. In order to get child support, the other parent must first prove who the biological father is. Additionally, for the child to qualify for medical insurance, Social Security payments, and other financial benefits through the father, paternity must be proven first. No matter your reasons for proving paternity, you should hire a Tulsa, OK paternity lawyer for help.

How Can You Establish Paternity Voluntarily?

If you think you are the father of a child and want to establish paternity, you can submit a request to do so. This will require you to take a DNA test, during which you will have your cheek swabbed. If the results state that there is at least 95% certainty that you’re the father of the child, then you’re considered the biological father according to the court.

Once the genetic testing results have established paternity, you will typically be expected to pay child support. You can also pursue visitation or custody in order to ensure you have the legal right to see your child. If you need help moving forward with your case, a Tulsa family law attorney can handle your legal needs.

What If One Parent Doesn’t Want to Establish Paternity?

In many cases, only one parent is interested in determining paternity. In the cases where both parents do not agree on the need for a DNA test, the parent who wants one can get a court order. This will require the possible father to undergo genetic testing to prove whether or not he is the biological father of the child.

If you want to pursue a court order for DNA testing, you should talk to paternity lawyers in Tulsa, OK. The right legal team can assist you in gathering the paperwork for requesting a paternity test, and will guide you through a pretrial hearing if necessary. Come to LaCourse Law to learn how our caring lawyers can help you navigate through paternity issues.

Why Do You Need a Paternity Lawyer?

Whether you’re the presumed father or the mother of a child whose paternity is questioned, you should talk to a paternity lawyer before getting a test done. At LaCourse Law, our attorneys have guided mothers and fathers through the intimidating process of proving paternity. We can do it all, from requesting DNA tests through the court to helping parents determine what to do once the results are in.

If you have any questions about the paternity of a child, we encourage you to get legal help from our team. This matter is critical to families, so you need a professional to handle it for you. Contact our Tulsa law office at 918-744-7100 to talk to compassionate, skilled paternity lawyers today.

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