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What To Do After A Car Accident?

What To Do After A Car Accident?

If I’ve been involved in a car accident or injury that’s due to the fault of another in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area what do I do next? DO NOT PANIC. Do not drive away. The FIRST and most important thing to do is to make sure you and anyone else in your vehicle is alright. If you need medical assistance, you or someone else call 911 immediately to get the help you need.  SECOND: Call the police. They can protect the accident scene, meet with witnesses and take statements, direct traffic around you and issue a report that you may need to file with an insurance claim. Cooperate with them and let them do their job, it is important.  THIRD: Exchange insurance information with the other driver. Limit your interactions with them, as they may twist your works and concerns for them into fault, but obtain the information necessary to make a claim with their insurance company.  FOURTH: Take pictures of the wreck. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is more than an old adage. It will accurately depict and chronicle the significance of the accident far better than your words and memory can if you have to reenact the accident months or years later. FIFTH: within 24-48 hours of that injury, you can expect to receive a phone call from the other party’s adjuster. Although they may seem nice and, on your side, their ultimate goal is to get information out of you, and a recorded statement that will ‘help’ them process your claim. If you take anything away from this blog, the most important thing to know is to NOT give that statement. The insurance adjuster is not your friend, and they are not getting a statement from you to help them. Instead, all they are trying to do is to get information from you that they can use against you later down the line. You likely have not had enough time to get an MRI, a CT scan, or fully understand the extent of your medical injuries. SIXTH: Seek counsel from a qualified auto accident attorney. They can tell you if you need assistance or help you navigate the initial steps in your matter and help protect your rights.

In summary, If you’ve been involved in an accident here are the steps as to what you should do as soon as possible:

  1. Do NOT panic, do not leave the scene;
  2. Determine if anyone needs immediate medical attention immediately;
  3. Call the police;
  4. Exchange information;
  5. Take pictures of the scene if you have the opportunity;
  6. Do not give a recorded statement;
  7. Contact an attorney who is ready to stand up and fight for your rights.

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