Adrianna Salvidar

Adriana, LaCourse Law’s receptionist, is a Tulsa native pursuing a nursing degree at Tulsa Community College. She’s a lively and adventurous individual who loves travel, spending time with friends, shopping, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Adriana is the friendly and welcoming face of our team, dedicated to assisting and greeting clients with kindness and compassion.

Meet Adrianna Salvidar

Meet LaCourse Law’s receptionist, Adriana. Adriana was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is actively pursuing a degree in Nursing at Tulsa Community College.
Adriana is fun and spontaneous and enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, shopping, and eating mexican food. She also loves to cook and to try new things in the kitchen!
At Lacourse Law, Adriana is likely the first person you will talk to on the phone when you call the office and is also the first person who will greet you when you walk through the doors! Adriana is sweet, kind, and passionate about helping people.

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